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Junior Kg Class - V H School
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Jr.Kg provides an opportunity to learn and practice the essential social, emotional, problem-solving, and study skills that they will use throughout their schooling. VH English Medium School is a leading Junior Kg School near Moshi, offering your child a great environment to learn & discover new things.

  • The development of self-esteem is one of the important goals of VHEMS. This is the process of helping our Students feel good about who they are and confident in their ability to tackle the challenges of learning.
  • Jr. Kg teaches cooperation: the ability to work, learn, and get along with others & provides our child with the opportunity to learn patience, as well as the ability to take turns, share, and listen to others — all skills that they will use through their school years and beyond.
  • Most children are naturally curious, but some do not know how to focus or use this curiosity. Jr. Kg is a time for sparking and directing our student’s curiosity and natural love of learning.
  • Expand your child’s ability to learn about (and from) the world, organize information, and solve problems. This increases his feelings of self-worth and confidence, his ability to work with others, and his interest in challenging tasks.
  • Provide a combination of formal (teacher-initiated) and informal (child-initiated) activities. Investigations and projects allow your child to work both on her own and in small groups.
  • Minimize use of large group activities that require sitting. Instead, most activities feature play-based, hands-on learning in small groups. As the year progresses, large group activities become a bit longer in preparation for 1st grade.


Nurture your child’s early academic, social-emotional, and creative skills until they transition into kindergarten. It’s designed to nurture your child’s early academic, social-emotional, and creative skills. The class will have a maximum of 25 children.

The class focuses on supporting the students to independence along with their desire to work and play with others. Every day, children have the opportunity to engage in playful and hands-on experiences that support a child’s sense natural curiosity as they engage in art, dramatic play, block exploration, science investigation, games, and more. Through these daily experiences, the children build their language, their cognition, and their relationships with others.

The class also focuses on supporting the student’s desire to learn and create. Daily experiences are created so that children can construct their own understanding of the world, talk about their understanding of the world with peers and teachers, and practice this understanding in small groups as they look at focused strategies in early literacy and math.

In the Junior Kg class writing, reading, and math experiences are authentic and focused around helping the children build the underlying foundation that set the stage for deep understanding of the subjects. Children, for example, can be seen writing their names on a clipboard as they wait their turn for a material, drawing in their notebook as they make observations and building their sense.

Every day, the children also visit our indoor playground where they are invited to climb, run, slide, swing, and build the gross motor skills that are central to their larger development.

We understand the importance of helping the Junior Kg children develop a positive self-concept by increasing their independence. Children in the Junior Kg. class are given age-appropriate responsibilities such as setting the table for meals and opening their own lunch-box helping prepare their items for rest time, maintaining the classroom environment, and taking care of classroom. Junior Kg Class in Moshi program is designed to inculcate the basic Language, Cognitive, Social, Emotional, Gross Motor, Fine Motor and Creative Developments.

The Class-rooms are designed to support the child’s intellect, creativity, and ability to work with others that will help them become innovative, considerate, and engaged individuals ready to enter kindergarten with confidence. Junior Kg Learning is compulsory, Our curriculum is designed to support their early experience of learning, get your child enrolled now for Junior Kg Learning in Moshi.